"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."





Keri will always be in our hearts.

Today I lost one of my beauTEALful sisters; Keri Ince Hillabrant. My heart is so broken. She has been such a beautiful friend to me and such a huge source of strength.

It's interesting how people come into our live's and our hearts connect and will be intertwined forever.

Charlotte Lawrence

Sending hugs, loves & prayers to all who loved & lost her. She will be missed.

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Keri Hillabrant


On Friday, May 6, 2016, Keri Anne Hillabrant passed to a better place, a place of wholeness. Keri is remembered as a loving mom and wife, a huge people person and a mighty warrior against ovarian cancer.

Keri was born in Amarillo, TX in July 1970 and grew up there through high school with mother Leanne Smith and brother Jake Ince. Then living in Maryland and moving to Florida, Keri met her husband Greg Hillabrant in 1990. Keri and Greg have enjoyed 26 amazing years together as lovers and best friends. Keri is also blessed with a daughter Mia and a nine-year-old grandson Kedan Teichman. Keri and Greg have had the joy of raising Kedan - all boy with tremendous energy and a soft heart.

Keri is survived by Greg, Greg's parents Jack and Jane Hillabrant, Mia and Kedan Teichman, mother Leanne Smith and brother Jake Ince. Although gone in body, Keri assures us she remains here with her family and friends in the form of pure love.

Throughout Keri's life, she has valued family and friends. Keri describes her close family members: "Greg is my perfect soulmate, very patient and loving. We have a close bond with 25 years of marriage. Kedan is a firecracker. He is one of the most caring little boys, soft-hearted. Jake is my partner. We're very close. My mom is my hero. She puts everything aside for us. She is very loving and very caring. My family makes me feel warm and at peace."

Gratitude encompasses Keri. During her 3-year battle against ovarian cancer, she has been blessed with the tremendous outpouring of support from her family and friends. Keri values the teachings of those who speak to the importance  of living in the moment and appreciating the relationship of others. Keri 's battle with cancer has taught her that suffering comes from resisting and pleasure is in honoring the present moment.

Those wishing to contribute to a better world on Keri's behalf can make a donation to the Teal's the Deal Foundation. In lieu of sorrow, express your love to those you cherish. Share a smile and let others see your eyes light up with the joy of being together.

Keri's wish:


In lieu of flowers, Keri and her family wish that contributions go to Teal's the Deal Foundation. All contributions are greatly cherished, and every penny will be used in the most impactful way.

In lieu of sorrow, express your love for those you cherish. Share a smile and let others see your eyes light up with the joy of being together.


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