Our goals at Teal’s the Deal


  • Raise awareness about Gynecological Cancers and their symptoms.
  • Provide Education about symptoms and treatment options.
  • Support those fighting for their lives, and support the doctors, researchers and Foundations that are fighting this disease.

Why TEAL? Take Early Action & Live.

Raising awareness alone isn’t enough. Knowing the signs and symptoms are powerful – but taking early action on such symptoms is crucial. Teal’s the Deal strives to support Women in Awareness, Education & Support. After all, knowledge and quick action is power.

Supporting Women – All Over the World.

Our organization is doing all it can to fight the fight – and we have found that our reach is very extensive. Our content, website and social media reach over 210+ different countries worldwide, have been translated to over 150 different languages, and reaches over 3.4 million returning visitors every month. But that’s still not enough. Please join us in our campaigns to help make this life-saving message even more reaching.

Bombshell Beads – Encourage Peace, Healing, Energy & more.

Bombshell Beads is based in Nashville,Tennessee but distributes its love all over the United States. Every piece you see is handmade with natural beads, stones, and metals from the earth to encourage positive energy, love, and peace.  They pride themselves in using only the best quality imported stones and metals.  We hope every person that wears Bombshell jewelry feels its unique handmade touch of love and is blessed by wearing it.

Be sure to use the code Teal when checking out ANY Bombshell Bead order to receive 20% off your entire order!


Bombshell Beads does not diagnose or prescribe stones as  a means of healing.

Utilizing one of the most powerful resources in the world, the internet – specifically Social Media is our best weapon against this damaging disease.

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Get in Touch – Get Involved.

Show you care – be aware. Participating in campaigns and spreading this life-saving message is a fantastic way that you can do your part.

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