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Awareness Related  Events

January – Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, we encourage women across the country to get screened for cervical cancer and receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine if they’re eligible.


February – World Cancer Day

Held yearly on February 4th, World Cancer Day is truly a global event! World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer. It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action!


March – Endometriosis Awareness Month

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month! A time dedicated to drawing worldwide attention to this condition. Take the challenge to WEAR yellow to show your support for the women that live with endometriosis.


May –  World Ovarian Cancer Day

Held annually each year on May 8th, this day is dedicated to creating and raising awareness about ovarian cancer, the women’s cancer with the lowest survival rate for which there is little awareness and no cure.


June – National Cancer Survivors Day

Observed each year on the first Sunday in June. National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual, treasured Celebration of Life that is held in hundreds of communities nationwide, and around the world! It is a CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community.


September – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. A time dedicated to raising awareness of ovarian cancer–the deadliest gynecologic cancer.



With our partners at Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, we invite you to take action in September with 30 Days of Teal. The 30 Days of Teal campaign gives you easy ways to share information about ovarian cancer, call on our nation’s leaders to fund medical research and deck yourself in teal from top to bottom!  Your participation in 30 Days of Teal helps the Alliance raise funds and awareness of this deadly disease. Please visit the Ovarian Cancer National alliance for more information.


Turn The Towns Teal

Turn The Towns Teal® is a national campaign to promote awareness of ovarian cancer and its silent symptoms.  Volunteers tie ribbons throughout town centers and hand out symptom cards during the month of September. Please visit Turn The Towns Teal for more information.